5 ways to optimize your online sessions

In light of recent closures, all sessions will be online!

I've put together 5 simple tips to make your online sessions more efficient and effective.

  1. Send important documents 15 min before your session. You can text or email textbook pages, worksheets, notes, old tests, or anything else you'd like to cover. If you don't have these things, at the very least send buzzwords and topics you know you would like to review!

  2. Consider getting a cheap drawing tablet (here) that connects to your laptop so that writing on the whiteboard is fun and fruitful rather than a fumbling mess and frustrating.

  3. Come up with a plan: write down questions you thought of; circle problems you found confusing; and set one goal for the hour!

  4. Make sure your mic and video camera are working before the session starts. You can test these features easily here.

  5. Be prepared to talk even more than you do during in person sessions. It's hard for me to know what you're thinking when we're in person. And it's even harder when I can't see what you're looking at, what you're scribbling down, or what pages you're flipping to in your book. To have a great sessions, you will need to talk even more, express your confusions even more, and describe your fuzzy thought process even more. Funny enough, this will make online sessions.

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